Friday, July 31, 2015


Da Swedish Chef!
For some reason, every time I say or think the word "gorkamorka", the Swedish Chef voice is in my head saying "GORK DE MORK A".

Yeah, I know.

Okay, let's try this again.

Datz betta

Right now at the local game club, we're in the final stages of playing toss away Gorkamorka games to get a good handle on the rules before starting an actual campaign.  So that means, of course, that everything is in a "work-in-progress" state at the moment.

There always needs to be a centerpiece, so allow me to introduce you to Cassandra:

Junk armor plating and ram?  Check.
Stylish interior with Ork driver?  Check.
Dem rokkit boostas!?  Check and check.
Dem passengers?  Yeah sure okay, check.

Now clearly she's a WIP, but she's just a Revell Snap-Tite 1:35 scale fire engine, some bits, some plasticard, and a bit of spray paint all-told.  I've not decided yet if I'm going to try to keep it red, or if I'll go with a completely different theme.  Being the crazy person I am, I've already got plans for 3 different groups to play with... Haha!

Now obviously the campaign won't start out with me having this many models, but this is all that I've gotten so far in general (minus a few grotz that didn't make it into the picture):

And the last piece I'll show off today is the WIP gunner chair for the trukk.  I've taken a seating bit I had from a different game, put an Ork on it, and have rigged it up with a magnet to fit on the top of the trukk.  My intention is to work up a mount on the front of it where I can change out weapons to equip the trukk differently, which is why the Ork doesn't actually have a weapon attached yet.

I'll be sure to post up more pics as I get them painted, so that's all for today!  Now to the spray primer, and then the brushes!

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  1. Don' worry boyz, wen dat fing gets in front uv Da Matilda...BOOM! iz whats gonna 'appen!